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An Ambu Limb Sensor Replacement includes only a single replacement limb sensor.

Warranty: 14 Months.

Replace a lost or damaged limb sensor with an Ambu Limb Sensor Replacement that meets AASM recommendations. Ideal for use during sleep studies, this top-of-the-line sensor utilizes piezo technology and a highly conductive wet gel for a stable signal while recording limb movement.

Ambu Limb Sensor Replacement Features

  • Combines silver/silver chloride and highly conductive wet gel provides a stable, low impedance signal for the duration of the test.
  • Highly sensitive thanks to EMG electrodes and piezo technology.
  • Easy to apply and extremely comfortable for the patient.
  • Utilizes a strong and skin-friendly adhesive.
  • Made from durable and flexible materials.
  • Low profile and strong adhesion ensures the sensor won't be dislodged during sleep studies.
  • Can be used for legs and arms - specifically the wrist or ankle.
  • Meets AASM recommendations.

Ambu Limb Sensor Replacement Specifications

  • Female 1.5 mm connector.

Ambu Limb Sensor Replacement Accessories

  • Ambu Limb Sensor Kit (One Limb) (#817210-100).
  • Ambu Limb Sensor Kit (Two Limbs) (#817220-100).
  • Ambu Breathoprene Ankle Band (Pair) (#817000-000).
  • Ambu Sleepmate Sensor Tape (24 per pack) (#818010-000/24).
  • Ambu Keyhole Adapter (#818060-000).
  • Ambu TP Connector to Phone Jack Connector - Grass (#818070-000).

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