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The Drager Babytherm 8004/8010 Infant Warmer includes mattress and built in scale. It is certified to proper operating specifications and in excellent condition.

Warranty: 1 Year - Parts and Labor.

The Babytherm 8004/8010 Infant Warmer is the latest model of infant warming systems by Drager, providing warmth for premature and full term neonates. Drawing from years of experience in neonatal care, the Drager Babytherm 8004/8010 Infant Warming system uniformly distributes radiant heat to the baby.

Optimal Thermoregulation: The Babytherm's ceramic heater elements and golden reflectors provide even heat distribution over the entire bed area. Measuring a baby's central and peripheral (toe) temperature gives you an early warning of thermal instability or possible cold stress by observing the measured values on the integrated digital display.

Ease of Use: The control panel positioned directly beneath the radiant warmer is easy to reach so you can adjust the settings with no trouble at all. Essential information is displayed on a large bright digital display from any position around the bed. The Babytherm can be adjusted to suit the caregiver's height.

System Synergy: The Drager Babytherm offers an integrated work environment that is ergonomically smart, intuitive simple, and perfectly accessible for improved communication, time savings, and decreased risk of errors across the NICU and beyond.

Intelligent Accessibility: SmartSWIVEL mechanism automatically focuses radiant warmth on the baby, even if the radiant heather is moved to one side to allow free working space for the caregiver. As a result, you don't need to worry about the baby cooling down or suffering cold stress during X-rays or other procedures because you can be sure of even heat distribution at all times.

Drager Babytherm 8004/8010 Infant Warmer Features

  • Integrated X-Ray Tray.
  • Swivel cupboards conveniently located to give you extra storage space for accessories.
  • Temperature Control:
    • Uniform heat distribution over the baby.
    • Patented smartSWIVEL mechanism of the radiant heating system.
    • ThermoMonitoring, central and peripheral temperature monitoring.
    • Skin servo mode.
    • Bright and soft light.
  • Display:
    • Central and peripheral temperature.
    • Button descriptions and displayed text messages in 11 languages.
    • Central alarm lamp.
  • Operation:
    • One-hand operation.
    • Bed tilt mechanism.
    • Electrical height adjustment.
    • Interface capability for call systems and data transfer.
    • Lights for simulating day and night rhythm.
    • Ergonomic design.

Drager Babytherm 8004/8010 Infant Warmer Specifications

  • Overall Height (unit with height adjustment): 74.65 - 87" (1896 - 2210 mm).
  • Working Height of Bed Surface (unit with height adjustment): 34.9 - 46.5" (885 - 1180 mm).
  • Bed Dimensions: 30" x 20" (750 mm x 490 mm).
  • Tilt:
    • Maximum of 20° front end down.
    • Maximum of 15° front end up.
  • Height Adjustment: 11.5" (294 mm).
  • Mains Voltage: 120 V.

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