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The Zumax OMS2350 LED Dental Microscope (#220-0040) is comparable to the Zeiss Pico Dental Microscope, at half the price! It features superior quality and technology, and is thus quickly becoming the most recommended surgery microscope.

Warranty: 2 Years.

The OMS2350 LED Dental Microscope comes standard with a 0 - 180° Inclinable Binocular Head with PD Adjusting Device, 250 mm Final Objective Lens, and 12.5x Widefield Eyepieces.

Zumax OMS2350 LED Dental Microscope Features

  • 0 - 180° Inclinable Binocular: Features the widest articulation range of any binocular for operator comfort.
    • PD Adjusting Device: Pupillary Distance adjusting device uses a fine focus mechanism to adjust the eyepieces.
  • Widefield Eyepieces: Screwed in to the tube and include integrated eyecups with stepless adjustment. The eyepieces are excellently suited for surgeons who wish to work with their eyeglasses on (10x, 16x, and 20x also available*).
  • Focusing Objective Lens: Easy operation. A variety of working distances are available (200, 300, 350, and 400 mm also available*).
  • Integrated LED Illumination: The 20 W LED coaxial illuminator provides pure white color light similar to sun light to show real color. It not only avoids the trouble of changing bulbs, but also saves your cost for the spare bulbs and electric charge.
  • 6-Step Manual Magnification Changer: Six click stop positions.
    • Magnification (Field-of-View Diameter): 2.8x (78.3 mm), 4.2x (52.1 mm), 6.9x (32.0 mm), 10.4x (21.2 mm), 17.0x (13.0 mm), and 25.6x (8.7 mm).
  • Rotatable Handgrip: Can be adjusted to user's preferred position and enables the user to easily place the OMS in the desired position.
  • Fine Focusing: Adjust the focus to your personal needs, without moving the microscope.
  • Brightness Control Knob: Allows you to easily adjust the light intensity for any clinical situation.
  • Yellow and Green Integrated Filter:
    • Yellow Filter: Prevents premature curing of composite.
    • Green Filter: Improves detail visibility with a strong blood supply.
  • German Optical Glass Inside: The lenses inside the microscope are made by Schott Optical Glass imported from Germany. All lenses are multi-coated and anti-reflective, combining with the infinity corrected optical system and brilliant aprochromatic optics, which offers superb optical performance, including:
    • High resolution.
    • Real 3-dimensional precise image reproduction.
    • Large depth of field.
    • Wide field of view.
    • Good contrast.
  • Apochromatic Optics design can correct the chromatic aberration of three types of colored light effectively. It ensures the reduction and saturation of image color and improves the resolution, contrast, and view depth of image.
  • Balancing System: This coupling offers ultra-light, ultra-smooth, and perfect balance during positioning of the microscope or adding several accessories such as camcorder and digital camera.
  • Floor stand.

*If you would like different magnification eyepieces and/or objective lens, please contact MFI Medical to personalize your order.

Zumax OMS2350 LED Dental Microscope Specifications

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 90.
  • Color Temperature: 4500 K (for more natural-looking light that is more comfortable for the eyes).
  • Illumination Field: 82 mm (more area is illuminated than before).
  • Gross Weight: 275.6 lb (125 kg).
  • Second Arm: 650 mm.

Zumax OMS2350 LED Dental Microscope Literature

Zumax OMS2350 LED Surgery Microscope Brochure

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