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The Zoll OneStep CPR Resuscitation Defibrillator Electrodes are designed to help improve CPR quality, and record chest compressions data, while providing defibrillation speed and electrode readiness. Zoll CPR Electrodes enable Real CPR Help with visual and verbal cues to help with the rate and depth of compressions, and See-Thru technology which produces a visual of organized electrical activity.

There are no connectors needed to use OneStep electrodes, they are code-ready and pre-connected to the defibrillator and do not need to be disconnected to test. OneStep CPR Electrodes come in an easy-to-open speed pack, and feature integrated electrodes in anterior defibrillator which eliminates the need for a separate ECG cable. Keeping track of electrode expiration is easy with the OneStep CPR Electrodes, alerts will let you know with expiration approaches. Two formats are available for these CPR Electrodes, anterior/anterior placement, and anterior/posterior placement.

Zoll OneStep CPR Resuscitation Defibrillator Electrode Specifications:

  • Gel Type: Solid.
  • Age and Weight: Adult.
  • Conductor Type: Tin.
  • Pacing Time (hours): 8.
  • Pre-connect: Yes.
  • Lead Wire Length: 28/46€.
  • Connection Type: OneStep.
  • Shelf Life: 24 months.
  • Sterility: Non-sterile.
  • Compatibility: Zoll M, R, and X Series Defibrillators.

Zoll OneStep CPR Resuscitation Defibrillator Electrode Packs:

Product Number Placement Quantity
8900-0223-01 anterior/posterior 1
8900-0213-01 anterior/posterior 8
8900-0225-01 anterior/anterior 1
8900-0217-01 anterior/anterior 8

Zoll OneStep CPR Resuscitation Defibrillator Electrode Literature:

Zoll R Series OneStep Electrodes Spec Sheet

Zoll Electrode Product Guide

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