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The Zoll E, M, and R Series Defibrillator Pads (10 Pairs per Box / 1 Pair per Pouch) are compatible with M-Series, E-Series, and R-Series defibrillators, as well as the PD 1200, PD 1400, PD 1600, PD 1700, and PD 2000. They are intended for use on adults (55+ lbs).

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration (3 Year Shelf Life).

The Zoll Defibrillator Pads feature Aqua-Tac solid gel adhesive for superior adhesion in all situations with an overlapping gel layer to eliminate edge exposure (flashover) and better current distribution.

The Defibrillator Pads are constructed using the "cure on line" or C-Line process which results in higher quality, longer lasting defibrillator pads with less waste and reduced costs. Because they are packaged the same day that the hydrogel cures, these pads have maximum shelf life.

These electrodes require no special treatment for disposal. Manufactured by Leonhard Lang - Skintact.

Zoll E, M, and R Series Defibrillator Pads Features:

  • Longest lead wire on the market.
  • Diaphoretic.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Ag/AgCl (Silver/Silver Chloride).
  • Excellent skin coupling.
  • Duplex labels per package.
  • Latex free.
  • PVC free.
  • Composition: Aqua-Tac Solid Gel.
  • Style: Zoll Plug.
  • Material: Foam, Solid Gel, 4' Lead Wire with Plug, Overlapping Gel.
  • Certifications: ANSI/AAMI DF80:2003, IEC 60601-2-4, IEC 60601-1, EMDD, ISO 10933.

Zoll E, M, and R Series Defibrillator Pad Configurations:

  • #DF28: Standard.
  • #DF28NC: Pre-Connect - comes with the lead wire and plug outside of the sealed pouch, allowing you to connect to your Zoll Defibrillator before opening the pouch and exposing the pad gel to the air.

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