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Located in Western New York, CPAC Equipment, INC. is a FDA registered manufacturer of sterilizers, evacuators, silver recovery, and other associated equipment. Dedicated to pushing innovation, research, and product development to new levels, CPAC has made it it’s mission to provide customers with only the highest quality of US manufactured products. Presenting meaningful product solutions and alternatives that focus on patient safety improvements, MFI Medical is proud to carry an extensive selection of CPAC’s tabletop high-velocity hot air (HVHA) and static heat sterilizers, mobile and central evacuation units, and more and as such customers in the medical, dental, ophthalmology, pharmaceutical, health/beauty, and other industries can shop with confidence knowing CPAC’s products promote safer health care environments all while reducing operating and patient treatment costs.

RapidHeat RH-Pro11 HVHA Sterilizer

An advancement in “RapidCycle” sterilization, the Rapid Heat RH-Pro11 HVHA Sterilizer is available in either 110-120 or 220-240 voltage varieties. A proven method of improving sterilization efficiency, this top-of-the-line sterilizer boasts state-of-the-art HVHA technology and provides the fastest turnaround time of any FDA-cleared sterilization technology available today.

COX RapidHeat HVHA Sterilizer

Boasting the fastest total cycle time, the Cox RapidHeat HVHA Sterilizer is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly sterilization methods available today. Plus, it allows for the modernization of sterile processing and provides a faster turnaround time than its competitors.

SteriDent Static Heat Sterilizer

Extremely cost-effective, the SteriDent Static Heat Sterilizer allows you to sterilize metal and steam sensitive instruments without the harsh chemicals or water that are typically used. Manually controlled, this is a first-rate sterilizer that can be depended on to provide sterilized instruments without pitting, dulling, or corrosion.

SteriSure Static Heat Sterilizer

An affordable alternative to steam sterilization, the SteriSure Static Heat Sterilizer is a microprocessor controlled sterilizer that requires no routine cleaning, no harsh chemicals, and no water. As such it constantly delivers instruments that are sterilized without pitting, dulling, or corrosion.

PortoDent II Mobile Oral Evacuator

Portable, efficient, and affordable, the PortoDent II Mobile Oral Evacuator is an innovative evacuation solution. Compact for easy and inconspicuous storage, this unit is easy to clean and features a non-corrosive collection canister that comes with an automatic overflow shut-off. Perfect for use when the central system breaks down or for a dentist on the move.

SteriVac Central Vacuum System

Affordable and reliable, the SteriVac Central Vacuum System is designed for the removal of wet wastes such as saliva, water, chippings, etc. and is ideally suited for use with up to five operatories. Perfect for dentists who are looking for a system that serves a variety of functions, this innovative unit features acoustical housing that ensures a quiet operation and can be used as an updates to any current system or as a replacement power source for any current central power unit.

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