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COSMED offers a wide variety of pulmonary and metabolic measuring devices. COSMED simplifies and streamlines spirometry testing with portable, easy-to-use, and accurate handheld spirometers. MFI carries COSMED spirometers, metabolic testing systems, and their accessories.

The Pony FX Desktop Spirometer is one of COSMED's most sought after products. It is a portable spirometer unit that weighs less than three pounds. The Pony FX has a large internal memory, color LCD display with real-time graphs, and a built-in printer. It can be used with a PC or as a stand-alone unit. This desktop spirometer includes COSMED's easy-to-use, intuitive PC software for spirometry testing.

COSMED also makes products for clinical nutrition, including the Fitmate Desktop System for Indirect Calorimetry, which measures resting metabolic rate to determine an individual's true caloric needs. This can be a vital tool for any nutritionist or general practitioner, and is also commonly used in the commercial weight management industry. The Fitmate provides easy, quick, and affordable metabolic measurements. It only takes a few minutes to measure resting energy requirements. This user-friendly system can also record standardized measurements such as blood pressure and resting heart rate, and can take body composition measurements by skin fold.

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