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Caresono is a manufacturer of ultrasound systems and instruments and an innovator in the medical device industry. They design ultrasound imaging devices for use in a variety of medical specialties including Urology, Incontinence, OB/GYN, Surgery, Rehabilitation, Anesthesiology, Maternity, and ICU. Caresono is mainly engaged in research and development, production, and promotion of medical ultrasonic instruments and related equipment.

Caresono focuses their efforts on discovering customers' needs and seeks to exceed their expectations by providing value-added products and services, making their products affordable and reliable. Caresono ultrasound systems are well designed to enable sonographers to CARE about their SONOgraphy. Winner of The Red Dot Design Award, 2013.

Having designed a product line ranging from veterinary ultrasound to human ultrasound to bladder scanners, Caresono has become well known throughout the globe. Their dedication to technology leadership, precise manufacturing, and uncompromised quality assurance makes them an industry leader. Caresono is committed to being a world-class medical devices provider you can rely on.

Caresono has been certified to meet quality management standards and has been assessed and confirmed from ISO-13485 manufacturing standard to CE certificate and FDA 510(k) approval.

Bladder Scanners

From the HD2, a portable "pistol" style bladder scanner, to the HD3, a tabletop "tablet" style model, Caresono's line of bladder scanners offers a model for any type of facility and specialty. Patented core technology means no annual calibrations. Skipping annual calibrations makes Caresono bladder scanners more affordable and a better value than other brands.

Healthcare professionals all over the world have trusted their patients' needs to the Caresono brand. Caresono products give physicians and nurses the tools to improve clinical outcomes in hospitals, clinics, aged care, and home care facilities.

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