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MFI Medical proudly carries a broad range of cardiology equipment and supplies like anesthesia machines, blood pressure monitors, surgical instruments, defibrillators, diagnostic ultrasounds, ECG/EKG machines, electrosurgical systems, EMG EP systems, exam tables, headlights, holter, hospital beds, IV poles, medical carts, pulse oximeters, patient warmers, stress test systems, surgery lights, stretchers, patient monitors, and more from recognized brands like Masimo, Bovie, Harloff, Zoll, Schiller, Sklar, Edan, Philips, Welch Allyn, ConMed, Wallach, Summit, and Respironics.

Edan SonoTrax Vascular Doppler

The Edan SonoTrax Vascular Doppler is designed for the assessment of peripheral vascular disease. Versatile and portable, it allows for the fast and effective assessment of venous and arterial disease. Can also locate both deep and superficial vessels fast while providing strong signals.

Summit Doppler LifeDop L250 Hand-Held Doppler

The Summit Doppler LifeDop L250 Hand-Held Doppler accepts the full line of non-directional probes for obstetrical or vascular applications. Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand with easy access to each control.

Respironics Disposable Sampling Line Kit

The Respironics Disposable Sampling Line Kit connects to the LoFlo module and terminates with a male luer connection. It can be used in conjunction with any cannula, from any manufacturer, with a female luer connection and is intended for use with the LoFlo CO2 system with ventilator and anesthesia circuits which have an integrated airway adapter with female Luer.

Our Current Specials

At MFI, we work with manufacturers to get the best deals for customers and caregivers. Check out our specials page and get the latest available deals for all types of medical products.

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