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The Gomco Model 305 AC Tabletop Aspirator comes with the Suction Tubing Kit (#S610100), which includes a 6' tube and 15" tube, and three of the Disposable Hydrophobic/Bacteria Filters (#01-90-3928).

Warranty: 3 Years.

The Model 305 is a general use tabletop aspirator for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, physician's offices, and home care. This AC-powered aspirator generates up to -550 mm Hg of vacuum pressure and greater than 30 lpm of flow rate at open flow.

Gomco Model 305 AC Tabletop Aspirator Features

  • Durable high-impact plastic case.
  • Maintenance-free and oil-free diaphragm pump ensures maximum reliability.
  • Reduced operating noise level.
  • Easy to store, the 305 takes up less than one square foot of space.
  • Enclosed pump design.
  • Vibration-free easy-to-read regulator gauge.
  • Wire basket accommodates a variety of canisters.
  • Quick-connect tubing for all connections.
  • Hydrophobic/bacteria filter eliminates pump flooding and prevents contaminant damage.
  • Licensed for use in Canada.

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