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General Use Aspirators

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What Is An Aspirator?

When it comes to quickly removing fluids or foreign substances from the body, an aspirator is often chosen to do the job. These devices can be portable or surface-mounted, and provide powerful suction in emergency situations and drainage treatments. They essentially act as a fluid vacuum, suctioning and depositing fluids into a collection bottle for disposal.

Types of Aspirators

There are two general types of aspirators: emergency aspiration devices and home/hospital aspiration. Take a look and decide which one best fits your clinic.

Emergency Aspiration

One might think that emergency tools must be lightweight and manually-run in order to fit the small confines of an ambulance or endure rough terrain. Allied Healthcare is one example of a brand with top-notch emergency aspiration devices, which can provide powerful suction in various emergency scenarios. The Emergency Portable Suction Unit is both battery-powered and AC-powered, with a battery that lasts 75 minutes. This ensures that emergency responders have a reliable source of suction at all times in a situation, until the patient is transported to a hospital.

Home and Hospital Aspiration

Aspiration is more commonly used for home or hospital use, with multiple types of bases for balance or securing to a tabletop. These aspirators are equipped with tubing, filters, and collection bottles, making suction and disposal quick and easy. The Schuco aspirators also feature metal brackets for holding canisters and a vibration-free gauge for more accurate readings.

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