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Ambu offers a wide variety of neurodiagnostic supplies including EMG Needle Electrodes, Subdermal Needle Electrodes, Corkscrew Electrodes, and Surface Electrodes. Most solid gel and wet gel surface electrodes are available in different lead wire colors and lengths.

EMG Needle Electrodes

The Ambu Neuroline Concentric EMG Needle Electrode is a single patient needle electrode designed for EMG recordings and is available in six different sizes to meet your needs. The precision centering of the inner silver core ensures that recordings are both accurate and reliable. These electrodes require an Ambu Neuroline Concentric Cable with a 5-pin touch-proof connector that is also available for purchase on our website.

The Ambu Neuroline Monopolar EMG Needle Electrode features exceedingly low penetration-resistance levels thanks to the sharp, back bevel cut tip design and is available with or without pre-attached lead wires. The Ambu 742 series (without lead wires) requires a reusable Ambu Neuroline Monopolar Cable which is also available on our website. These needles feature a color coded hub for simple size identification.

The Ambu Neuroline Inoject EMG Needle Electrode includes a luer-lock fitting that provides secure syringe connection and an off-set pre-attached lead wire that minimizes interference with the syringe. These needle electrodes are available in six different sizes to meet your needs. The Ambu Neuroline Inoject EMG Needle Electrode features an ultra sharp tip that eases insertion, reduces pain, and is designed for injections with Botulinum Toxin.

Subdermal Needle Electrodes

The Ambu Neuroline Subdermal Needle Electrode includes color-coded wires (red, blue, green, black, yellow, and white) with a 1.5 mm touch-proof safety connector that makes the Subdermal Needle the ideal working tool. The Ambu Neuroline Subdermal Needle Electrode's ultra-sharp lancet cut tip is designed for easy skin penetration and low noise and impedance levels. The Subdermal Needle Electrodes are especially recommended for intraoperative monitoring recordings. Also, the needles have been optimized to provide an easy and secure recording when placed directly in the scalp.

The Ambu Neuroline Twisted Pair Subdermal Needle Electrode - Set 1 includes color-coded wires (red, green, blue, yellow, and orange) twisted with a black or white wire, and includes a 1.5 mm touch-proof safety connector. If you’d like a different color combination, the Ambu Neuroline Twisted Pair Subdermal Needle Electrode - Set 2 includes color-coded wires (gray, brown, purple, tan, and pink) twisted with a black or white wire and also includes a 1.5 mm touch-proof safety connector. These electrodes provide confidence and reliability, which is needed in the operating room.

Corkscrew Electrode

The Ambu Neuroline Corkscrew Electrode features a unique corkscrew tip design, and each electrode includes a 1.5 mm touch-proof connector. The Ambu Neuroline Corkscrew Electrode's needle is designed to stay securely in place and provides a high-quality signal that’s ideal for Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM), Electroencephalography (EEG), and Evoked Potentials (EP).

Surface Electrodes

The Ambu Neuroline 700 and 710 Surface Electrodes are self-adhesive and feature a solid gel surface making them both easy to reposition and remarkably comfortable for patients. The solid gel, combined with an effective adhesive, allows technicians to locate the best recording site without leaving messy gel deposits that must be wiped off. The adhesive is specially formulated so it will not irritate sensitive or damaged skin.

The Ambu Neuroline 715 Surface Electrode's transparent sensor area enables you to locate the examination target area very precisely. Moreover, the electrode comprises a skin friendly solid gel that allows you to reposition the electrode several times without losing its adhesive power.

The Ambu Neuroline Ground Electrode is designed for neurological examinations and features a unique “duck-foot” design so the corners cannot lift off as they do on a conventional ground electrode. Also, the concave sides ensure that the electrode easily conforms to the contours of the body. There are no wrinkles to smooth in the flexible backing material, and the overall surface area provides the perfect balance for minimal size and maximum adhesion.

Ambu also offers a wet gel electrode. The Ambu Neuroline 720 Surface Electrode is a self-adhesive electrode that features a highly conductive wet gel for an instant signal. The strong yet skin-friendly adhesive makes the electrode ideal for sleep registration, as the electrode stays in place during the entire examination, even if the patient sweats. The small size also makes it easy to use on the facial area and on children.

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